The number of betting sites in Africa is on the rise! So much so that it is difficult to find something that suits your needs. Our goal is to make your search easy, fun, and rewarding.

To begin with, our betting experts have tested all the popular betting sites in Africa. We have done this to determine which ones have the best odds, best product, and biggest sports range. In our top list below, you find the result of our painstaking search for the best betting site in Africa!

What is Betting Sites Africa (BSA)?

Betting Sites Africa consists of a team of writers which have sports betting as a main interest. Many of us have been betting online for the past 10 years or so. And now with the rise of online bookmakers in Africa – we feel it is time to give our 2 cents.

If you have ended up on this site, you are most likely looking for a new betting site. Probably one with a better product than where you are currently playing. Well, that is why we are here. With our knowledge, we help other players in finding the best betting site available.

You might have to browsing through hundreds, if not thousands, of betting sites. Instead, we have gathered our favourites right here – to make things easier for you. Join thousands of other betting enthusiasts and have a look at our reviews, ratings, and recommendations. This way you get the most out of your betting.

What are the benefits of using a sports betting review site?

By using review sites, you can save hours of research and headache. Instead of doing all the work yourself, use review sites that have done the work for you. At Betting Sites Africa, you find free reviews of the best betting sites in Africa.

African Betting Site Reviews

Every betting site that we test, we document to compare against other operators. In order for us to capture all necessary details of each betting site – we have a strict list of items that we inspect. In every review we give you a summary of the following items:

  • Initial impressions – Here we summarise our first impressions about the betting site. For example, if it looks modern, if it seems fast and everything else you see at first glance.
  • Registration – The registration journey at betting sites are extremely important. You want to make sure the process is quick, so you get access to your betting account. Here we also take a look at what kind of information the sportsbook requires.
  • Bonuses and promotions – The best betting sites offers new players an incentive to register – like a welcome bonus. A lot of them also have daily promotions, odds boosts, betting predictions and other offers. We take a look to make sure they are fun and fair.
  • Odds – If you are betting on sports, you are doing so to win. Nobody is betting to lose, right? That is why it is important that when you win, you get the most amount of money possible. High odds equal higher pay outs.
  • Betting Tips – Many international betting sites offer their players different betting tips before games. Sometimes you are even offered betting tips as part of a promotion. Enjoy predictions, bet builders and slip builders.
  • Betting Prediction – Much like the betting tips, betting predictions are on the rise among betting sites. This is a great way for them to advertise their games, odds, and product. Many have full time employees that predict games for them.
  • Payment Methods – Unless you can deposit money, you can not win. That is why it is important that betting sites in Africa offer local payment methods. These include MTN mobile, M-Pesa, airtel etc. We make sure the ones we recommend, all have local methods.
  • Mobile betting – Not many of us are using computers to bet nowadays. Most of us are using our mobile phones to bet. Mobile betting is becoming more popular. So it is important that the mobile betting sites are working on handheld devices.
  • Support and Safety – Last but absolutely not least we look at the support and safety. What kind of license they have, which African countries they operate in. How you can reach their customer support for instance. Betting sites you find here are licensed by international or local betting boards. We only add these to ensure they are are following the rules and regulation of your country.

What makes a great sports betting site?

There is a vast amount of betting sites available online today. So you want to make sure you are betting with a company that gives you the best experience. What you consider to be valuable for your experience might differ from other players. There are some important key points that all companies should offer their customers to be fair. Local sports betting companies have long been restrictive, unchanged, and boring. But with the rise of international brands entering the African markets with licensed betting sites – the competition is on!

Mobile Betting

A great betting site should offer a smooth, easy, and fast mobile betting app. Old school betting companies with older websites might not be able to deliver a fast and responsive mobile version of their betting site. Instead, they usually offer a dedicated betting app that you can download from either their website, App Store or Google Play Store. If you usually bet from your mobile device, check out our best mobile betting sites list.

Data Free Betting

Data free betting is a new phenomenon in the online betting industry. Overall, data free services have been around for quite some time, for example Facebook, WhatsApp, and some banking apps. But data free betting? Revolutionary according to us. Why spend hard earned money on data for betting when you can use it to fund your betting and potentially get a nice payout. Data free betting is currently only available for South Africans playing at Betway South Africa.

Build Your Bets

The opportunity to build your own bets is slowly but surely entering the African betting market. With some African betting sites, you can request to have special bets added. For example, if you want to bet on specific markets with specific outcomes on the FA Cup, this is now possible. Certain betting sites allows you to create your own bets straight on their website or mobile app. Others offer this service via Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram. In these cases, you can reach out and highlight what you want – and usually they will sort you out!

Cash Out

All competitive betting sites must have the cash out feature available. You might find different spellings for this feature such as cashout, cash-out and cash out. But they all mean the same thing. If you get a hunch during a live game that you want your money back, some betting sites will offer you a cash out. This cash out is offered at the betting sites’ discretion and the amount varies based on the statistics of the game. Sometimes the cash out feature is unavailable even though it is available for that match. That is because the betting site can temporarily disable it. Why would they disable it you ask? Well if your bet has no chance at winning – you will not get a cash out feature. Remember, betting companies are not charities.

Win Boost

A lot of African betting sites are jumping on the trend of offering win boosts. A win boost is a feature where you place a multi-bet/accumulator and if you win, you will get a pay out boost. The higher number of legs you have on your bet slip, the higher win boost you will be offered. Below is an example of how a winning boost can look like.

Number of LegsWin Boost
2 – 33%
4 – 67%
7 – 1420%
15 – 2030%
21 – 2450%

To give a clear example: if you bet 10 on a multi-bet of 25 legs with a total odds of 25 000, your payout will be 10*25 000 + 50% win boost which equals 250 000 + 125 000. Your total winnings would in this case be 375 000, from just a 10 bet!

Betting Tips

More and more betting sites are offering free betting tips through their blogs, emails, social media, and SMS. This is a win-win situation for the betting company. You get great betting tips and you bet at the betting site advertising these tips. Make sure you bet at betting sites that offer betting tips – this way you get the most winning chances with your bets.

Betting Predictions

Much like betting tips, betting predictions are becoming a must with the best betting sites. Instead of following the dodgy Instagram accounts, Facebook groups, and get scammed out of your money. Follow the betting experts at the betting companies. These guys give you completely free betting predictions for using their betting site or betting app.

What is important to understand here is that you do not need to pay anybody anything. All these free betting predictions are free for you to make use of! To find the best betting predictions, register with one of the betting sites we recommend and visit their insider blogs.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is the best betting sites to win on?

The best betting sites to win on, are the betting sites you like the most. As long as your experience with the betting site is positive, the winning will also be a positive experience. Make sure you bet on a site online that offers local payment methods, great odds, and many markets.

What are new betting sites?

New betting sites are betting sites that have recently been established, most likely in 2019 or 2020. These betting sites usually offers players limited offers to try out their products. However, they might not have had time to fully create a product that includes betting tips, predictions, and other vital features. But the new betting sites you find here, all have what it takes to be a great online betting site.

Where can I bet on sports online?

All the betting sites you find on our site offers online betting. All you need is access to internet, a computer or mobile phone, and an account with any of the sites. Simply register an account, deposit, and start betting. All your winnings can be withdrawn to your bank account, voucher, or as mobile money.

What betting sites can you cash out on?

The top 3 betting sites that you find on our lists, all offer cash out. Cash out is a feature we highly value and expect the best betting sites to offer.

How to make money on betting sites in Africa?

The best ways in making money on betting sites is by doing research, following betting experts and reading betting tips. But the most important thing is using a betting site that offers high and competitive odds. Make sure you read up on statistics and potential outcomes before you bet to increase your winning chances.

How to predict sports outocome?

To be able to predict sports outcome you need to have some certain level of experience and betting knowledge. However, in this day and age you can find hundreds of different betting prediction experts. These experts are available for free on certain betting sites. While others might offer premium betting predictions for a small monthly cost. Sites like also offer fun and interesting AI betting predictions.

How to find betting tips?

Many popular betting sites offer free betting tips in their product. To get free access to betting tips you simply need to register an account and start betting with them. These betting tips are usually provided by sports and betting experts that have been in the industry for a long time.

How to become a betting expert?

In order to become a betting expert, you need loads of experience in betting, sports knowledge, and some technology. You also need some level of problem-solving skills as you might need to research and find the best betting sites that offers the best odds and sports.

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