Betting Sites in Kenya

Betting in Kenya has significantly increased thanks to the widespread use of mobile phones. A mobile device with internet is all you need to start betting at betting sites in Kenya. But what betting sites are active in Kenya? That is where Betting Sites Africa comes into play.

We have gathered all active betting sites in Kenya on our website. All you need to do is having a look at the reviews, betting tips and betting companies. Once you find a betting site that suits your needs, head over to their betting platform and register. Each and every betting site you find here here are legal and licensed to operate in Kenya!

List of Best Betting Sites in Kenya

There are plenty of betting sites in Kenya, but it can be difficult to figure out which betting site is the best. We have evaluated the betting sites to make it easier to find the best betting site in Kenya for you.

BetLion Kenya

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BetLion Kenya, with its entrance into the Kenyan betting market, promises a transformative experience for sports betting aficionados. The platform shines brilliantly with its extensive sportsbook, embracing a plethora of top-tier sporting events. Not to mention, its promotional offers are a tantalizing allure that many will find hard to resist, especially with the convenience of mobile money deposits.

What particularly caught our attention was the array of betting markets on offer, the seamless user experience with their mobile app, and the alternative option for SMS betting. Additionally, the registration process stands out for its simplicity, requiring just a phone number and a password, making it accessible for many.

However, as we traversed the BetLion landscape, there were a few rocks along the path. The lack of a desktop site, the need for an iOS app, and a more diversified promotional palette are some areas that could be polished.

Despite these minor hiccups, it’s undeniable that BetLion Kenya has much to offer. It stands strong among other betting sites in Kenya, providing a refreshing, mobile-centric betting experience. The synergy with Kenya’s leading mobile money providers further elevates its appeal, making transactions smooth and hassle-free.

In summation, BetLion Kenya is not just another name in the bustling directory of betting companies in Kenya. It is a dynamic player, aiming to raise the bar and redefine the betting standards in the country. For those seeking an exhilarating, efficient, and user-centric betting adventure, BetLion is undoubtedly a lion worth taming.

Helabet Kenya

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Helabet Kenya distinguishes itself as a noteworthy entrant among betting sites in Kenya. It achieves this by offering an extensive list of bonuses that effectively set it apart in a fiercely competitive market. The user-friendly interface, comprehensive sports betting options, and popular deposit methods, such as MPesa, enhance the user experience. The platform’s live and virtual betting, along with the wide variety of sporting events, ensures it appeals to a diverse range of betting enthusiasts.

However, despite these impressive features, some shortcomings affect the overall Helabet Kenya experience. The lack of a mobile application on app stores and the absence of jackpot games could deter some potential customers.

Overall, we see Helabet as a promising player among betting companies in Kenya. It is on the right trajectory with a good balance of strengths, while the areas of improvement offer potential for further development. This betting site may not be perfect, but it is undoubtedly making its mark and is worth a look for both seasoned and new betting enthusiasts in Kenya.

MozzartBet Kenya

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In the crowded field of betting sites in Kenya, MozzartBet, an offshoot of a veteran bookmarker, has emerged as a significant player. Despite its recent entry into the Kenyan online betting scene, MozzartBet Kenya has managed to carve out a niche for itself with its unique offerings.

A notable strength of MozzartBet Kenya lies in its sportsbook. With a comprehensive selection of top international sporting events and competitive odds, it has endeared itself to sports betting enthusiasts. The user-friendly website and mobile app, featuring an array of excellent promotions like the Mega Jackpot, further enhance the betting experience. For those looking beyond sports betting, the platform offers an impressive array of casino and virtual games, thus catering to diverse preferences.

That said, MozzartBet Kenya does have room for improvement. The absence of a welcome bonus and the limited deposit options can be off-putting for some users. However, it’s worth noting that MozzartBet Kenya has shown a proclivity for evolution and adaptation. Given its performance so far, we expect it to address these concerns and refine its offerings further.

In conclusion, MozzartBet is a robust platform that caters to a broad spectrum of betting interests. While it may not be flawless, its strengths, such as a diverse sportsbook and user-friendly interfaces, far outweigh its minor shortcomings. With a continued commitment to improvement, MozzartBet Kenya can be expected to solidify its position among the top betting companies in Kenya. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a novice, MozzartBet is worth exploring.


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ChezaCash, a renowned international betting powerhouse, made a robust entry into the Kenyan betting market, making it a noteworthy addition to the roster of betting sites in Kenya. Backed by a user-friendly website and an accessible mobile app, this betting platform has garnered impressive attention and recognition.

Known for its comprehensive sportsbook covering prominent international tournaments, ChezaCash provides an expansive choice for sports enthusiasts. The platform outshines many other betting companies in Kenya with its ample promotions, engaging casino and virtual games, and a significant advantage of mobile money deposits, boosting its overall appeal.

However, like all platforms, it has its shortcomings. The absence of a live chat function and the limited availability of its mobile app (restricted to Android users only) slightly tarnish its otherwise radiant appeal. Despite these minor drawbacks, ChezaCash boasts a highly efficient and responsive customer care service available via SMS and WhatsApp, which adds to its overall allure.

In summary, ChezaCash has proven its worth in the Kenyan betting industry by offering a commendable selection of betting opportunities, a rich variety of casino games, and user-friendly platforms. While the company can make improvements in certain areas, its strengths greatly overshadow its weaknesses, making it a desirable choice for betting enthusiasts in Kenya.

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