Mojabet and OM Form Collaboration

Mojabet, a leading African operator, and Olympique de Marseille (OM) have officially signed a six-year collaboration contract to strengthen their presence in the sports and online betting industry. With this strategic alliance, Mojabet aims to expand its online offerings for sports fans across Africa, complementing its existing services in mobile money, Fintech, and other sports-related activities.

As part of their collaboration, Mojabet has introduced OM8. This exciting initiative allows users to make predictions on eight questions related to upcoming games. This interactive feature will engage fans and allow them a chance to win cash prizes, authentic OM memorabilia, and other rewards. The weekly predictions will kick off during the weekends, adding an element of excitement and anticipation for the fans.

The Mojabet partnership with Olympique de Marseille goes beyond the game predictions. The collaboration includes using Digital Overlay technology, which enables Mojabet to target OM viewers through geo-location ads displayed on the club’s LED screens during Ligue 1 matches held at the Orange Velodrome in Africa. This innovative advertising approach will enhance brand visibility and create a more immersive experience for fans.

Paris Anatolitis, the CEO of MOJA Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating that OM is an ideal strategic partner for Mojabet, one of the top betting sites in Africa. He emphasized that the collaboration will strengthen fan connections and enhance their online betting offerings. Anatolitis also hinted at the upcoming engagement campaigns that Mojabet plans to launch, with the OM8 competition serving as a sneak peek into the exciting initiatives to come.

Pedro Iriondo, the General Manager of Strategy and Development at Olympique de Marseille, also shared his excitement about Mojabet joining Africa as a regional betting partner. He emphasized the significance of collaboration in enabling effective communication and interaction with the club’s fan base in Africa. 

Iriondo believes Mojabet is the perfect partner to support the club’s objectives and enhance the fan experience.

In addition to the collaboration with Mojabet, Olympique de Marseille recently extended its agreement with Française des Jeux (FDJ), the French national lottery operator. The renewed partnership is set to continue until 2025, further solidifying OM’s position and expanding its reach in the sports and gaming industry.

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