Parimatch Adopts New Branding With GR8 Tech

As of January 25, 2023, Parimatch has merged with its parent company, GR8 Tech. GR8 tech has now been reborn as a versatile new version of itself. As a new entity, GR8 Tech has all the experience and expertise of both corporations available under a single umbrella. That’s 30 years of iGaming experience in one company.

A spokesperson declared that the new GR8 Tech is everything that customers have come to expect. Offerings include online gaming technology solutions for a variety of needs. Importantly the Parimatch brand will also get retained and remain available for clients. Going forward, GR8 Tech will focus on long-term partnerships and a strong corporate commitment.

GR8 Tech History

GR8 Tech has officially been around since 1994. At the time the company gave birth to the Parimatch technological platform, offering it as a tech solution to the gambling industry. The years that followed saw Parimatch quickly became globally renowned. Parimatch has been adopted by numerous gambling companies and eSports organisations.

Most notable is that the Parimatch platform is extremely resilient. At peak times the platform comfortably handles millions of bets for major sporting events. Few other iGaming tech companies are able to offer similar levels of convenience.

Parimatch To GR8 Tech

GR Tech ex-CEO Maksym Liashko spoke about the situation. He declared that the change in branding is not only a major event, but also stands as a new beginning. He explained that change has been a long time coming, and that he personally has been putting in effort. He concluded that the new GR8 Tech is stronger and more versatile than ever before.

Current GR8 Tech CEO Evgen Belousov shared thoughts of his own. He pointed out that the iGaming market is overflowing with tech companies, but added that most of these companies lack consistency. GR8 Tech, he continued, redefines what great iGaming tech solutions are all about. He declared that his company offers tailor-made solutions that are not only reliable, but are also adaptable.

Liashko concluded the GR8 Tech is looking forward to providing long term solutions for clients, including iGaming companies located in African markets.

A One Stop Shop

Looking closer at the new GR8 Tech, the entity offers a long list of corporate services. The tech platform offered by the company promise to be stable and scalable, providing perfect solutions for a variety of needs. According to the marketing, companies of virtually any size are easily catered for. Current GR8 Parimatch partners include several Premier League Football teams, including Newcastle, Aston Villa, Chelsea, and Leicester City.

The iGaming world is already excited about GR8 Tech’s new future.

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